Established in 2016, LIFE CARVER entered the furniture market with the goal of introducing consumers to the idea that quality furniture doesn’t always have to come with a high price tag. Inspired by the impact furniture can have in one’s life and home, LIFE CARVER founders created their branded products with a vision turned reality of producing a wide variety of furniture pieces that can suit a range of tastes, carving their way into a home owner’s life with their unique attributes and signature style. Pairing quality with affordable price points, LIFE CARVER strives to provide their customers with lasting furniture that is unique as they are. Presently, LIFE CARVER has expanded onto internet platforms Amazon and eBay, generating high volumes of sales per month while also garnering a loyal consumer base.

LIFE CARVER lets their products speak through their simplicity, quality construction and inspirational designs while working seamlessly with their surroundings to create the perfect furniture landscape in any home. Known for their versatility and streamlined appearances, LIFE CARVER has proven its furniture to be a must have asset for a variety of spaces ranging from modern to traditional and sells furniture for living rooms, home offices, kitchens and laundry units. Under their home office category, office chairs have gained high popularity due to their wide range of vivid colors, styles and long lasting comfort, with their appearance making them a key piece in transforming an office or other workspace. LIFE CARVER Kitchen Dining Sets, one of the many products under their kitchen category, are made of wooden materials from Oak to Walnut which is complimented by steel accents. Sought after for their compact construction and elegant appearance, they are a top choice for those who have smaller spaces and are looking for a kitchen set that blends nicely with surrounding décor.






The Laundry Unit category of LIFE CARVER focuses on helping customers make their laundry area efficient and organized despite the limited amount of space they are known for having with the help of shoe storage and benches. LIFE CARVER benches are known for their traditional style and signature carved detailing combined with cushioned seating that is outfitted with expertly constructed grass baskets in underneath storage compartments, giving users the perfect storage source that blends and adds a warm touch to their surroundings. With a wide range of furniture, LIFE CARVER is sure to have something for every style and taste to enhance your space and flawlessly carve its way into your home.


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